Using a Professional Furniture Removal Company Instead of Doing It Yourself Dublin

Moving home or office can be a real pain, especially if you don’t get enough support. I’ve moved house three times in the last two years and I’d like to lose two of those occasions. In this article I will outline my experience and hopefully give you some insights into doing it the right way. The direction you want to go is defiantly using a professional furniture removals company.

The first step in the last two years has been crazy in putting things mildly. I completely misjudged the amount of things I’d gathered. I thought I might need two or three small loads of trucks to transport big things, and the rest I could bring in my own truck. I got a friend to loan his truck to me and some other friends to help me move the big stuff. Well, it still looked never to end after five loads. Eventually I got everything moved but I think it caused some serious back problems as I still get pain when I lift heavy stuff.

I decided to hire a few guys for the next push to do the loading, and to rent the pickup again. I thought it wouldn’t be so bad at least if I could just be the driver and overseer. Wrong again, the guys I hired ended up breaking up a number of things and after finally sorting out everything I realized some of my tools had been stolen.

My final move has been such a joy. I hired a company specializing in removals. They arrived early in the morning, packed my entire house into one truck and within 4 hours the move was complete. There was nothing broken or missing and I did not lift a single thing. The removal company that I used was incredible, so professional and friendly, I really felt my belongings in safe hands.